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We supply all the normal domains plus many of the exotic domains.
Our specialites are .com ,,, .org,   

About Us

Web Hosting Plans came together after two Melbourne businessmen with over 15 years each in the IT & Communications industry pooled their resources after operating separately for many years. This merger resulted in Web Hosting Plans instead of their own individual hosting companies. Whilst the other two companies are being wound down and clients transferred over - Web Hosting Plans opened for business with economies of scale.

The aim of Web Hosting Plans is NOT to take over the world of Web Hosting but offer small to medium size businesses personal service, web hosting, SEO advice and the chance to succeed in an ever changing internet world. Web Hosting Plans ensures that our clients can get on with what they are good at and allow their Web presence to be a stress free experience but at the same time being successful.

If you want to have a play on the web with cheap hosting and experiment then by all means use us we do offer a plan for that but there are many services out there for free where you can play.

Our solutions and aims are to build a long term partnership with our clients.