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We supply all the normal domains plus many of the exotic domains.
Our specialites are .com ,,, .org,   

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EARN 20% each month for the life of the client!

Unlike many many affiliate programs out there we want you to continue to benefit from our success, after all it is you that will help us succeed. So with that in mind for our Web Hosting Plans we do not off a onetime payment of $x but a continuing payment for the life of the customer at 20% of value of the plan purchased. So every month they pay you will earn money!

How does it work?

When a visitor to your page clicks on your banner/link to our page a cookie is placed on their computer and will stay there for 90days. This means that even if they DO NOT buy on that visit but buy later – even if they go direct to our page – you will get the commission.


There is a delay between the purchase of the plan and the payment to you of 60days. The reason is that unfortunately in this industry there are a lot of fraudulent orders and this ensures that you get paid only for the real orders as most fraudulent orders are known by then. You will still earn from day 1 but you wont be paid until day 60 (end of the month).

We pay to PayPal, Give you Credit on your own services and Australian Banks. We don't send cheques or offer any other payment options other than by prior agreement.


If you want some special treatment then submit a "Pre Sales" ticket and we can look into it.

Affiliate Programs

Here is the current list of our affiliate programs with their details.

Affiliate Plan Sign Up Here Details
Web Hosting Plan Register at the bottom of the page Get paid in many ways but not cheque. Have 1 login to manage everythhing with Web Hosting Plans

For existing Afilliates LOGIN BELOW on the RIGHT