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We supply all the normal domains plus many of the exotic domains.
Our specialites are .com ,,, .org,   

Australian Hosting

SYDNEY - AUSTRALIA based servers

Our servers are not like the very cheap web hosting plans you find which are located in USA, UK or Singapore as ours are in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA, so unfortunately we cannot offer the same crazy low prices. Now whilst the majority of users will not know where a web hosting server is located due to the general speed of the internet Google DOES!

If you are happy to have limits for bandwidth then our SYDNEY based servers are the answer - see below.

Dont forget to check out the competition I mentioned above before choosing us. Their advertisements are below and they will offer you alot for nothing whereas we want you to know it all before paying and being upset. We would prefer a few happy customers than alot of unhappy customers - So go crazy and checkout everyone else first.

Finally dont forget that we have cheap domains - especially the which are nearly the cheapest domains you will find without all the catches of other cheap domain sellers in Australia - like you have to have hosting.

We are terribly sorry but currently given server space we are not taking on any new customers. Even though these guys are our competitors they are the ones we respect the most for Australian Based Web Hosting. Please check them out while we increase our capacity.